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International Crew Solutions Ltd specializes in online referral of captains, officers, engineers, and interior crew for superyachts. We provide the following services on a worldwide basis:


  • Referral of temporary crew

  • Referral of permanent crew


At International Crew Solutions we are committed to provide both our clients and work seekers with services that comply with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and all industry specific, statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.


We recognise the diverse structures and requirements of our client base, and will provide the best possible service to suit the particular needs of individual clients.


The company’s management and our consultants uphold high standards throughout the hiring process. This includes screening of resumes, obtaining written references, verifying references and verification of qualifications.


We maintain a structured and comprehensive database to manage our relationships with all candidates. We commit to offering equal opportunities to all candidates, and ensure the highest standards of data protection are upheld. 


We continuously strive to improve our objectives and procedures in line with our company’s quality policy.



The Company’s Quality Policy covers the following:


  1. Meeting the requirements of our clients and work seekers

  2. Act in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006


This requires:


1.1 Shall ensure that the service is operated in an orderly manner that protects and promotes seafarers’ employment rights.


1.2 Prohibit seafarer recruitment and placement services from using means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified.


1.3 Require that no fees or other charges for seafarer recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer, other than the cost of the seafarer obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the national seafarer’s book and a passport or other similar personal travel documents, not including, however, the cost of visas, which shall be borne by the ship-owner.


1.4 Ensure that seafarer recruitment and placement services operating in its territory:


  1. Maintain an up-to-date register of all seafarers recruited or placed through them, to be available for inspection by the competent authority

  2. Make sure that seafarers are informed of their rights and duties under their employment agreements prior to or in the process of engagement and that proper arrangements are made for seafarers to examine their employment agreements before and after they are signed and for them to receive a copy of the agreements

  3. Verify that seafarers recruited or placed by them are qualified and hold the documents necessary for the job concerned, and that the seafarers’ employment agreements are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and any collective bargaining agreement that forms part of the employment agreement.

  4. Make sure, as far as practicable, that the ship-owner has the means to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port.

  5. Examine and respond to any complaint concerning their activities and advise the competent authority of any unresolved complaint.

  6. Establish a system of protection, by way of insurance or an equivalent appropriate measure, to compensate seafarers for monetary loss that they may incur as a result of the failure of a recruitment and placement service or the relevant ship-owner under the seafarers’ employment agreement to meet its obligations to them.


1.5 Investigate and respond to any complaint concerning their activities and advise the competent authority (Flag State) of any unresolved complaint.


1.6 We will not place any seafarers registered with us on any ships that flies the flag of a state that has not ratified the convention.


1.7 The company will ensure that the Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEA) are in accordance with the flag state laws and regulations.


1.8 We will not recruit any crew under the age of 16, or anyone under the age of 18 that is to be employed as the ships cook.

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