Update on online oral exams and future issue of Notice of Eligibilities during the COVID-19 lockdown

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the associated guidance issued by Public Health England (PHE), the MCA announced it was cancelling all face to face oral exams.

As the oral exam is an integral part in ensuring the competency of those who will ultimately be responsible for their safety, the safety of others at sea and the protection of marine environment, the MCA has moved this process online.

The MCA is currently rebooking the oral exams that were cancelled and then prioritizing those who need their Certificate of Competency (CoC) to start working. This MIN provides an overview of the process and the priorities that will support this approach.

Candidates must not contact Marine Offices to book oral exams until they are advised to do so as per this MIN.

Notice to all Shipowners, Owners, Masters, Officers, Cadets and those concerned with maritime training.

This MIN expires on 04 December 2020.

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